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Most people either end up paying extra because they go over on minutes or buy more minutes than they actually lose. Talk about flushing money down the drain. Straight Talk has plans just for you, Unlimited 30 day for $45 or All You Need 30 day for $30. Why pay more than you have to...this is a "no brainer!".


@ElaineP2011, maybe I am still old school but I believe that kids should learn from early on how to budget so if parents buy the $30 Straight Talk option for them and they cannot make this last for the month then they must top up with the difference. But if they were on contract they would just rack up the bill and even if you wanted to punish them by taking the cell phone away for that month you would still have to pay your monthly amount so who really is being punished?
By RichardBerry 3 years ago
@ShoreLine7, if you find you will use more than what $30 allows you and your mother is willing to get you more airtime I would strongly suggest you speak to her about the $45 as it will only cost an extra $15 but can be assured that you will not have to top up again for the entire month, that's what I do.
By ElaineP2011 3 years ago
@Zappergirl, I am on the $30 for 1000 min plan with Straight Talk what would my mom then have to pay as I was trying to convince her to put me on the $45 by arguing that it is on a fraction more? The bit that I can understand about all of this is that contracts are a big pain in the neck and cost a lot of money for hardly anything so even if taxes were to be charged it will not be as bad as contracts?!?!?!?!?
By ShoreLine7 3 years ago
I'm curious to know as time goes by, if prepaid users will start having to pay a lot of the extras contract users are paying. There's all the talk of the 911 fund that will come soon, and it's just a matter of time before some person decides prepaid is too easy and should also pay other taxes. At least with Straight Talk though, you take a monthly service, so can only be charged 1ce/month. I've heard talk that those that purchase airtime cards will have to pay on each card, so if they top up during the month, it will cost them on their 2nd card too!
By Zappergirl 4 years ago