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    "I Am Really Proud of Shen Yun" - Chinese Choreographer-Director Returns for 5th Year in San Jose


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun has been performing in California's Bay Area over the last week. The classical Chinese dance and music group finished up its four-show run in San Jose on Sunday afternoon.

    Stage production director Wang Yiyuan has seen Shen Yun five times, starting in 2006. He comes every year. This year he saw the show in San Jose, California.

    [Wang Yiyuan, Choreographer-Director]:
    “The fifth time, once a year. Very good. I really like every program this year. Every program is really moving. Over the last five years I’ve seen [it] five times, that is to say I come every year. I don’t come to get in on the action, I feel that Shen Yun’s program is divinely imparted culture, it touches people’s hearts. It can purify people’s spirits. So every time I see it, I go back always feeling like my spirit has been purified. These people are really serene.”

    Mr. Wang has been involved producing stage productions for several decades.

    [Wang Yiyuan, Choreographer-Director]:
    “To train so many artists, who can promote our Chinese culture, it’s rare. As a Chinese person, I am really proud of Shen Yun.”

    He hopes more people can see the show.

    [Wang Yiyuan, Choreographer-Director]:
    “When I am in China visiting family I introduce them to Shen Yun’s grand program, my relatives and friends. They have heard of it before I introduce it. They all hope they can see Shen Yun soon.”

    NTD News, San Jose