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    Mr Sandless Kentucky No Complaints


    by mrsandlesskentucky

    I COULDN'T BELIEVE HOW SHINY THE FLOORS BECAME!! I have COPD and am on oxygen 100% of the time, so I was apprehensive having any company refinish the hardwood floors. Mr. Sandless came in and finished over 500 SF of hardwood floors where I live without any dust, but most importantly for me, no bad odors. They finished the job in just over 4 hours. I couldn't believe how shiny the floors became and how quickly they were done and without any bad smells and dust

    I LOVE MR. SANDLESS!!! Mr. Sandless is the best! I am getting my entire home done section by section as I can afford it. When they come to do another section, the one they did before looks just like the new one! I love Mr. Sandless! - Debbie R