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    How to have a happy marriage:The 5 C's to a Successful Marriage


    by alicestader

    Discover the Five C’s to a Successful Marriage: commitment, communication, conflict, cherish and communion of spirit. Learn more at:

    Kathy Infeld, psychotherapist, mediator, coach, author and successfully married woman for over 37 years has devised her prescription for creating the happy, sensual and loving marriage you have always wanted. Her "Five C's To A Successful Marriage" are: Commitment, Communication, Conflict, Cherish, and Communion of Spirit. In her book, Creating Love For A Lifetime - The Five C's To A Successful Marriage, Kathy describes these principles in detail, and illustrates how the many couples who have used these principles revitalize their love. On her blog, in her private practice, and her book, Kathy gives partners the tools, many couple examples, couples exercises and the inspiration to create a successful and joyous relationship.