Springnet 419 - SXSW 2011 - bandromeda

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Paul Walhus
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The name Bandromeda is an analogy to the Galaxy, Andromeda. While Andromeda is a cluster of heavenly stars, Bandromeda is a collection of earthly stars (musicians). Bandromeda is a social space for Bands and Fans. Bandromeda is very interactive and very dynamic. Bandromeda is different than other social platforms for bands and artists because creative license is given to these artists. We recognize that the ability for artists to express themselves from a visual perspective is equally as important as the ability for them to do so musically. One of the things that made MySpace such a success early on was that they gave members the ability to customize their pages using Cascading Style Sheets. But at the end of the day their pages were still MySpace pages. They had the MySpace logo at the top, and the overall look and feel was still very much MySpace. Bandromeda allows artists to create their own designs, their own page layouts, their own content, their own ANYTHING. And they can even point their own domain to their custom site. This is important because it gives them the ability to enjoy an independent marketing presence while leveraging the power of belonging to a growing social community. And the really cool thing is that all of the content created on your Bandromeda pages is automatically shared with your custom site, so you have a single point of contact for management. These are MAJOR differentiators. The bottom line is that Bandromeda offers all of the features of any other social platform - FaceBook, MySpace, ReverbNation, etc. But Bandromeda offers this creative license that no other platform offers. - from bandromeda.com