Gangsta (Comedy Music Video) - Dyluminati

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From the demented mind of me comes the story of a man you don't want to fuck with...because he's a fuckin' fool. This was inspired by that guy who rides around town on a bicycle that's too small for him yet you know he's hardcore, because his hat's on sidewaysish. You don't fuck with a guy with a sidewaysish hat.

The video is nothing special. We just shot in a few different locations where I tried to look as pathetically wanksta as possible. I am aware of the continuity issue at the end, but I got my neighbor to help out with the video and all I could do was use the best shots sweater or no. "Gangsta" is from the Comedy adventure Bees Knees Grow On Trees Or My Penis Is In Your Eye ( ) & the Comedy excursion Parking Garage/Gangsta (Double Single) ( ), both of which are available for free download through the links provided.