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    Homosexuals: The Leeches of the Civil Rights Movement?

    stacey wormack

    by stacey wormack


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    The movement for gay acknowledgement has a pretty long history actually. Is this movement as big as civil rights...? That varies state to state. You're obviously not a completely idiotic biggot, so I'll respect you like a good man. "(few) gays in the south..." You just don't hear about them... blacks are still lynched by racist idiots in the south, but the current trend is a witch hunt on homosexuals in the midwest and south. I agree that people perhaps compare the current movement too much to civil rights, but right now, gays are moving for civil rights. Is it fair that two people who love each other can't see each other if one is on the death bed in a hospital? Is it fair that long time parents lose their partner's biological kids to the foster care system because they simply aren't related? I have my qualms with marriage, but it is a rights movement to be respected, especially with southern states threatening life sentences for being gay. I think you should do a little more research
    By patjp944 years ago