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    tonux.gix Live on Gogolfest - 'Parallel Thoughts'



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    The word "parallel" combined with "thoughts" can make an impression of something mysterious. But today's science opens to us new large spaces of our reality. Scientists each time speak bolder about such things like the existance of parallel universes on lesser distance from our bodies than an atom. Also there is a possibility that we can generate a new ones. There are a lot of such impressive theories and facts, that create an entirely new model of reality and possibilities in it. It seems that all what people ever called spirits and mysteries can be really true, even more than that - explainable true. So the name "parallel thoughts" means that the piece is something like a universe, or some window to the universe that might be right now somewhere behind you.

    It's a live-performance from GogolFest Em-Visia Concert in Kyiv. Video was created by Zigel, 3d scenes used in video are made by Bohdan Bulka and Zigel.