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    Antox - Let Me Hear You Scream !


    par Antox

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    Hello everybody Antox Opala here. My long-awaited bumpvideo is finally up ! Let me hear you scream BITSCH !

    Looking back on my epic confrontation versus Teryo Law, I found myself one flaw : the overall video felt kind of slow. Once you had watched it all, an impression of bridled persisted in your mind, you could sense a lack of oomph. Now is my comeback, I'm peppin up ! Indeed bro, I strove for a hectic pace right here. My number one priority was to come up with an edgy video that could catch on both casual viewers AND the few hardcore original bumpvideo fans still walking. Condensing spots while not binding them in monotony was a tough equation to balance out. If my math skills didn't let me down, I counted 32 spots packed in 3: 30, which gives us a higher ratio than usual. I broke away from my caw's formerly "pure technician" moveset, which means you'll see more varied and entertaining stuff like power and highflying. You'll also notice a tad of sync : I'm thinking of ALL my potential viewers and accordingly, I approach a perfect synthesis everybody can be satisfied with. Who knows, maybe my video might inspire newcomers into making one of their own and follow me on my way to revive the bump scene. Yeah, I wanna rekindle the bump scene and this is a major step in the movement.

    Thank you. Subscribe if you will but above all, do not forget to Reprezent !