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    WWE Raw 4/4/11 - Sin Cara Debut


    by Dante

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    Sheamus takes his strap and poses, arms high. Sheamus back on Bryan with a knee, then stomps on Bryan in a corner. But then new music! It's Sin Cara! He comes out to the stage, removes his coat then looks at Sheamus. Sin Cara points and runs. His position on the stage is perfect in that behind him is his blue wings in lights on the back of the stage. As Sin Cara rolls into the ring, over the top rope, his pyro hits! Slingshot hurricanrana, then drop kick sends Sheamus flying from the ring. Sheamus on the apron, gets a kick to the head. Sin Cara up on the top rope, then flies out onto Sheamus in a most beautiful way! Sheamus is left leaning on the rink skirt, eyes wide in shock as Sin Cara is already back up on the stage! It was all so amazingly fast! (I'm afraid of having to play-by-play his matches!)