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    The Rock vs Bret Hart


    par Florian

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    Thanks for that Match. Two of the best wrestlers i've ever seen.
    Par MVP_FanIl y a 7 ans
    At that point, who would of thought that these 2 wrestlers would be as great as they are right now.
    Par bobl0blawIl y a 8 ans
    Gadafi Majid
    great match between my 2 favourite wrestlers ever

    bret hart
    macho man
    the rock

    are all legends
    Par Gadafi MajidIl y a 9 ans
    Vashish Sreepaul
    Bret Hart favorite wrestler...Z most oustanding Intelligetn wrestler i've ever seen
    Par Vashish SreepaulIl y a 9 ans
    Bret Hart Vs Hulk Hogan
    Shawn Michaels Vs The Rock
    ^ "Thumbs "UP!" ^
    Par McMahonismIl y a 9 ans
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