Gov. signs school grading legislation

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that she can provide some information. we were there this afternoon as governor martinez signed a major piece of her educational reform agenda into law. the measure -- signed at edgewood elementary -- will allow schools to be assigned letter grades "a' through "f". the grades will be based on factors including student performances on standardized tests.... and graduation rates. the governor tells us the grades will provide better information about the quality of schools, and motivate the community to improve low- performing schools. "what the grading system will do is to make sure that the kids understand where the school stands, that the parents understand and the community, so that once you grade the school as a "c", and you're not satisfied with that, then the parents pull together to move it up to a "b". so constantly moving towards increasing their achievement level. an advisory group of school superintendents will now help develop specific guidelines for those letter grades. former governor gary johnson returned our calls this afternoon, to set the record straight about