Dutch Marathon Bans Foreigners, Critics Call Foul

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Soon, the city of Utrecht will hold its annual marathon. Organizers have taken the surprising step of barring foreigners from taking part. The reason? Almost every marathon that has been staged in Holland over the past five years has been won by Kenyans.
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Producer : Radio Netherlands

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Funny how this Dutch athlete says that 'Kenyans (too much generalization here) start serious training from the age of 8 or 9 years old...something that the 'white' people are missing'...now if this twat had an informed opinion, he would know that these Kenyans don't train by choice. It is called survival tactics. Yes, when your school is nearly an hour away from your home...and you have to be there on time every morning (read. there are no buses to pick and drop you from your doorstep). What do you do? You run like the world has no beginning and no end. Since your headmaster will be waiting to whip your ass should you be one minute late. Now, these guys run so much in their lives..not by choice but by sheer circumstances. The Utrecht Marathon is just a means of celebrating a skill perfected through hardships and sacrifice. Every money they earn from this race is well worth its value (same case would apply to the Dutchies). If Dutch sportsmanship is one of whining, envy and blatant disr
By Wairimu Fletcher 3 years ago