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    Cigarette Bar


    by abecloud

    We've all been there , some of us have lived there , that cozy little neighborhood bar where you could just unwind, relax and drink the night away, A place where you could sing along with the jukebox, get way too drunk to walk, embarrass yourself repeatedly and just keep coming back for more. For Abraham Cloud this was the Cigarette Bar. A place of escape , adventure , re-birth and the re-telling of glory day stories. There's fifty-one reasons why you can't do what you want You counted 'em up one day when your T.V. fell apart While your picture of peace was laying' in pieces on the floor You wondered what you're really living for The walls are crusted with the remnants of the night You feel on edge, like something' somewhere wants to fight When silence burns a whole in who you think you are You go down to the Cigarette Bar You step so lightly as you stumble in the room Nobody notices you;re still in bloom When you think you have an answer But you drive an unmarked car you sit down at the Cigarette Bar down at the Cigarette Bar All the regulars are regularly late In perfect unison they sip their bourbon straight Don't wanna' be one but you find it very hard To get up and leave the Cigarette Bar You drink to poverty and the wretched mess you're in You laugh at jokes that wouldn't normally raise a grin You drink and laugh until you don't know where you are That's a good time at the Cigarette Bar down at the Cigarette Bar down at the cigarette Bar (wife's part) Oh, I wonder where he could be I toss and turn endlessly I pray to God," Keep him safe While wandering away." down at the Cigarette Bar down at the Cigarette Bar You match your cigarette and you draw a little pain You eye her over like a bowling pin The warts are fading and the swamplands out of sight Still you're walking home alone tonight You step so lightly as you stumble in your room Don't wanna' wake her 'cause alarm rings soon Its instant-karma when the room begins to spin She always seems to know where you've been light another cigarette ...