Justice League Movie 2013 - Green Lantern, Superman, Batman

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Beyond the Trailer
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Justice League Movie 2013 will feature Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash!  But while Ryan Reynolds will play Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Henry Cavill will play Superman, who will round out the cast?  And can Warner Brothers pull off a Justice League Movie?  If Green Lantern 2011 and Superman Man of Steel 2012 flop at the box office, and the Wonder Woman TV show gets cancelled, what will that mean for the Justice League?  And what's this about a reboot of Christopher Nolan's Batman? Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph sorts out the news and rumors with an in-depth analysis!  Enjoy Green Lantern 2011!  Enjoy Superman Man of Steel 2012!  Enjoy The Dark Knight Rises 2012!  Enjoy the Wonder Woman TV show on NBC!