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    How to Do Pilates Rolling Like a Ball Exercise - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    How to Do Pilates Rolling Like a Ball Exercise - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats.

    Hi. We're Kimberly and Katherine Corp. We own Pilates on Fifth here in Manhattan, and we're going to show you Rolling Like a Ball today, which is a great Pilates exercise for control and abdominal strength. And a lot more about control and balance. Wouldn't you say? Oh yeah, alrighty then. So I'll have Katherine scoot forward on the mat, and you definitely want to start this exercise forward on your mat, so that you have somewhere to roll. From a nice tall sitting position, when you are on your sit bones, you'll use your abdominal muscles to roll back off the sit bones. And the first thing you do is pick one leg up and then the other and find your balance. So this is why I said its a good balancing exercise. You want to make sure you can stay in this position. Now before we start I want to show you something. You never go on higher than this vertebrae right here. So think of keeping your weight between your shoulders. So here we go, we, inhale, roll back, keep the position, roll back between the shoulders, and, exhale, come up and stay. Yes! And we, inhale, roll back between the shoulders, and, exhale, come up and balance. And inhale rolling back, yes!. So notice how she's not putting her feet down at the top of the movement, and she's not rolling onto her head-neck at the bottom of the movement. So think that your lower abs take you back and your upper abs take you up. So lower abs help you go back and upper abs help you up. And we're going to do 3 more. So inhale back and exhale up and its all about control. Your abs are your accelerator and your abs are your brake. And one more is good. Inhale back and exhale up. And to finish, you get to put your little feet down, and that is Rolling Like a Ball.