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    Paxton Makes Godzilla His Bitch


    by Dyluminati

    We do a lot of dog/house sitting. I'm a big animal lover & to get paid to play with people's dogs is pretty cool. This particular night we were with Paxton & I was playing with him with one of his many toys. Sarah started recording, as we often do for perhaps a video résumé or some such nonsense, & we caught this epic battle on memory card. The fact that Paxton's neutered makes his fighting style particularly interesting.

    I was just gonna put this up as a funny video, but I'm a nerd. I started thinking about the Japan connection & all the recent tragedy there, so I decided to add a small philanthropic aspect to the video. Along with the Red Cross info in the video I also found that Unicef is doing good things, so if you want to donate here's a link I also did some research on Godzilla, which prompted me to add part of the trailer & theme from the American release of the original Godzilla movie, which was sampled for Pharoahe Monch's classic "Simon Says."