Start & End Of Doctor Who - Revenge Of The Cybermen (Omnibus) VHS


by benriggers

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Wow It contains the bbc video with the bouncy music
By MiseryboyLast year
I remember a friend of mine getting this (the original one from the 80's). It was like gold dust (if that's not an inappropriate metaphor, when it comes to Cybermen). Up until then, there was just an LP of "Genesis of the Daleks", and, perhaps, a video of Peter Cushing's "Dr Who and The Daleks". It is hard to describe the thrill back then of being able to watch a classic Dr Who story on your TV whenever you wanted to. Wasn't Sarah gorgeous in this story? I think this tape was really quite expensive at the time. I had to borrow it - there was no way I could afford it!
By outofthegreenmist5 years ago