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    Well he obviously didn't get beaten or he wouldn't be like he is


    by james32_



    when these two broke up really effected me, it was like my parents were splitting up, and I kinda didnt know how to take it.they didnt realise teh effect they had on peopls lives, and what an affect they have on each other when they continue to bicker on twitter, especially john. I find myself taking sides even though i know I shouldnt. I think they either need to reconcile and be civil or just forget each other, and its so hard to do that. For me seeing them break up like a break up myself. I'm only 15 and so it hit me hard to see people actually fall in love and know the ins and outs then see them slit up without a real explanation.
    By musikgal135 years ago
    I think they both just need space, then who knows maybe they will get back together. Like you said he has never had this problem before so he needs to get his head round it.
    By Rachykins125 years ago
    but u see if you really love and care for someone you'll do whatever you can to win that said person. and i think,josie is he only one that he really love and cared .that is why it really hurt him because he doesn't have th ability to deal with such situations. he was very protected by his mother from when he was very young until now so when such problem arised he doesn't know how to deal with it. poor guy. he needs to grow up really. and i know josie will help him with this. x
    By 24mahal5 years ago
    Actually I don't think they will ever be over each other but I guess just sometimes love cannot conquer all : (
    By giwwy5 years ago
    if he stays on twitter he is gonna crack. Also Josies isnt over him she told someone on twitter she only has eyes for one man.x
    By Rachykins125 years ago
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