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    How to encourage a fussy eater to eat whether baby or toddler by Mother & Baby TV


    by motherandbaby

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    Does your child make mealtimes a real challenge? Don't worry it's probably just a phase and there are ways to get your toddler to eat well. Our mums and experts give advice and ideas on dealing with a child that turns their nose up at mealtimes.

    Sick of lovingly preparing food for your toddler only to have it thrown on the floor? Our expert's got the answers to your 10 most common feeding problems...

    Many a battle of wills has taken place over the tea table. Toddlers eat when they feel like it and are as fickle with their favourite foods as they are with their mood swings.

    Not even bribery or brute force will get junior to eat that extra spoonful if he doesn't want to. So how do you know if he's eating enough to sustain his high energy levels? There's no one easy answer, but our expert nutritionist has come up with some reassuring advice.

    Mealtime battles may be fun for toddlers, but it can be distressing and frustrating for you, especially when you think he's not getting the right nutrients...

    Many parents are so anxious to ensure their children are getting a decent diet that they resort to all sorts of tricks and tactics to make them eat.

    The best way to deal with a toddler on virtual hunger strike is to stop fighting about food. All the things we're tempted to do, like wheedle, cajole or lose our tempers, probably only make him more determined not to touch his food.

    Studies show family mealtimes are becoming a thing of the past, with more of us eating on the run or staggering meals to suit everyone's busy schedules. But toddlers need structured mealtimes so they get used the idea that, at certain times of day, they should sit in a certain place and eat a meal.

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