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    Masti Bhara Hai Sama - Dattaram Reminisce - Documentary - Raj Kapoor, Shankar - Jaikishan


    by Rajshri

    Watch Masti Bhara Hai Sama - Dattaram Reminisce - Documentary With English Subtitles - Raj Kapoor, Shankar - Jaikishan. Today, Dattaram Wadkar may not be a familiar name to many but this unassuming musician-cum-composer once played an important role in Hindi film music's Golden Era. His own music in films like Ab Dilli Door Nahi, Parvarish, Kala Aadmi, Santaan and Qaidi No. 911 was quite popular in the 60s. As Shankar- Jaikishan's long-time assistant and as an excellent dholak- player, Dattram participated in creation of many timeless melodies. On June 8, 2007 he breathed his last leaving behind a treasure of musical memories. Writer-director Ashok Rane's 1- hour documentary 'Masti Bhara Hai Sama' serves as a good primer to introduce Dattram's impressive musical credentials to new generation. The only hitch being that it discusses more about his musicianship and his association with Shankar- Jaikishan, rather than focusing on his work as an independent composer. Whatever may be the technical and subject-material flaws of this documentary, it still manages to portray a neat sketch of a forgotten talent and that itself is its biggest achievement. The documentary's main strength lies in Dattram's crystal-clear recollections from the glorious past! Even in his dispassionate style, he manages to evoke nostalgia for that era when music-making was a labour of love! Click on to watch Documentaries absolutely Free!!