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    Cedric Vimont - One Last Time (original)

    cédric vimont

    par cédric vimont

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    (pour un son convenable, regardez en HD / for a decent sound, watch in HD) Voici une de mes chansons de 2010.

    Mon matériel: Guild D-55 made in Tacoma, USA; micro à tube Mojave MA-200; micro à petit diaphragme Neumann KM 184 ; préampli SPL GoldMike; les convertisseurs sont ceux de ma carte son E-MU 1212; caméscope Sanyo Xacti FH1.


    It's been some time, now
    Since we said our
    To each other

    I'm appeased, now
    Forgot all the rows
    I did find
    Peace of mind

    I've been through hell
    What it's like I cannot tell
    Maybe you know
    Pretty well

    'Cause at first you
    Seemed quite shaken too
    But real soon
    You moved on

    And that's why I still wonder
    I'm still not sure
    Did you love me
    I mean, really, really love me

    Something was awry
    Between you and I
    We couldn't work it out
    We had to part

    We got exhausted
    Too much addicted
    We poisoned
    Our passion

    And ev'ry now and then
    I felt like a toy in your hands
    I wasn't sure
    Who you were

    All this is history
    But you still mean a lot to me
    I've got to know
    It wasn't just a show

    So give rest to my mind
    And tell me one last time
    That you loved me
    I mean, really, really loved me

    Tell me one last time
    Remove that doubt from my mind
    Tell me how much I meant to you
    Tell me that you were really true

    (Copyright Cedric Vimont 2010)