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    "Very Impressive" - Shen Yun in Vancouver, Canada


    by NTDTelevision

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    Audience members at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Canada, comment on Shen Yun Performing Arts.

    [Clifford Grant, Community Leader]:
    "Everyone around us was like wow, it was a sense of appreciation that this kind of performance can still take place and travel around."

    [Linda Reid, MLA]:
    "When you can incorporate that kind of dance and drama and grace, and frankly athletic finesse, spectacular."

    [Moe Samuel, Paramount Furniture Founder & Philanthropist]:
    "The color and the costumes are just unbelievable. It takes you into a different world and very enjoyable."

    [Robert H. Lee, O.C., Realty Company Founder & Chairman]:
    "The choreography and the way the training of the dancers there, they're so synchronized. The outfits and the scenery and everything. Very impressive."

    [J. Chris Meyer, Honorary Consul for South Africa]:
    "As each dance is introduced you really get an idea of the culture of China, and 5000 years of culture. It's lovely. It's an absolutely wonderful afternoon."

    NTD News, Vancouver, Canada