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    A SECRET PARTY with Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and other dead celebrities / news

    My Secret Island

    von My Secret Island

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    The second animated music video for My Secret Island!
    The song is instrumental and titled "A Secret Party".
    This song is available on " My Secret Island " -
    The First Stories, EP, including " Riders On The Storm " -
    " The Doors " cover version (Only available on CD)

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    Video is directed and edited by Grete "Stitch" Laus
    Characters are drawn by Maria "Piggeye" Evestus
    Animation by TNS Works @ 2011

    The video depicts a secret island somewhere far-far away where dead celebrities go to have a secret party! The celebrities are only real to all of us because of television – even if we see them in real life, they will not be the same as they are on TV. Television also makes them immortal – therefore it might actually be the “heaven” all celebrities want to go to after they die? In this video the Secret Island is floating on clouds as a metaphor for heaven but all the celebrity souls are in television boxes – almost like trapped there – but since they left their bodies on earth, they are “wearing” artificial robot bodies modeled after the ones they used to have when they were alive. In the end, there is a child watching the whole “show” on television which symbolizes again the immortality granted by TV as well as our media exploiting celebrities even after their deaths to make money off them.

    Incl. sexy Marilyn Monroe, lovely Audrey Hepburn, Jimi Hendrix, Jackie O, JFK, James Brown, Jim Morrison, Elvis, Albert Einstein, Ghandi, Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin and the Hand Of God .

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