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    NWA Chiropractic, PA Ratings


    by NWAChiropractic

    I WAKE UP HAPPIER NOW!!! Before Starting Chiropractic Care......... 10 yrs old Neck problems from sleeping Would wake up crying in pain After Beginning Chiropractic Care......... After getting several chiropractic adjustments my neck wasn't hurting anymore. I wake up happier now. My excercises here in the office helps a lot and I look forward to them and seeing Dr.Bland. Kaitlin M. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.

    I AM A BETTER MOTHER!!! Before Starting Chiropractic Care.... I had lots of lower back pain, and my right shoulder burned all the time!! After Beginning Chiropractic Care at NWA Chiropractic.... The lower back pain and burning in my right shoulder has stopped. Coming here has been the best thing for my health. I am a much happier person and a better mother. Female- age 32 All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.