Mortal Kombat - A New Beginning

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Mortal Kombat has always been a fan favorite in the fighting game genre. With a long running history of titles spanning across multiple platforms, WB Games is coming out with a brand new game, titled "Mortal Kombat", in order to give the franchise a new breath of life. Hans Lo, Senior Producer at WB Games, talks about the new gameplay features and the decision to just go with the title "Mortal Kombat". Rather than putting another number at the end of the title, WB decided to go with just "Mortal Kombat" to accompany their vision of reimagining the franchise. With new 3D models mixed with the traditional 2D fighting plane, gamers can enjoy the different perspectives while pulling off their favorite fighting combos. Hans also talks about their new "X-ray mode". When a player punches an enemy in the ribs or aims a kick towards their head, the camera will zoom right into the action, showing off all the violent goodness. Finish Him with WB Game's Mortal Kombat, set to release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 19th, 2011. Host: David Klein Edited by: Eric Ellis Music Composition: Kristi Neumann Executive Producer: Spencer Striker Creative Director: Andrew Benninghoff Producer: Tyler Thompson, Dalton Miatke Camera Operators: Mike Meloy, John Bukacek Graphics: Andrew Benninghoff, Andrew Von Haden