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    Thousands in Hong Kong & Taipei Hold Large Pillow Fights


    by NTDTelevision

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    Over the weekend, hundreds of people beat each other silly... with pillows. Part of International Pillow Fight Day, it was filled with people letting off a little steam and just having a good ole' time.

    People in Taiwan and Hong Kong participated in massive pillow fights on Saturday to mark International Pillow Fight Day, some raising money for Japan's earthquake relief, others just letting off a bit of steam.

    In Hong Kong, the city's first International Pillow Fight Day was organized on Facebook, and over 1,200 people signed up.

    [Tom Grundy, Hong Kong Pillow Fight Organizer]:
    "I contacted the international pillow fight day website and no one was volunteering for Hong Kong so I made a Facebook event, invited a hundred friends and put it on a few other websites, and I guess friends told friends and it went a bit crazy."

    Some came with a strategy.

    [Unidentified Australian Pillow Fight Participant]:
    "So my strategy, leading the charge, after commanding the sons of Scotland and telling everyone how they could take our lives and never take our freedom."

    Outside the city's government headquarters, a party of playful violence and hysterical childishness unfolded.

    [Unidentified Participant, Hong Kong]:
    "And yet here we are in Hong Kong and I would never believe something like this would happen. The first flash mob ever and it's perfectly fine."

    Meanwhile, pillows were being flayed about at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.

    Participants say the event was both fun, and productive.

    [Kuo A-che, Pillow Fight Participant]:
    "I think this is fun, and at the same time they will make donations to Japan, so it is good to do something for charity. But mostly I am here for fun."