South Koreans Hold Memorial Rally for 46 Sailors on Cheonan Warship

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It's been nearly a year since the South Korean warship the Cheonan was sunk by a North Korean torpedo attack... leaving 46 sailors dead. To mark its anniversary, people gathered in Seoul to honor the lives lost in the assault.

Nearly 1,000 South Koreans held a memorial service on Saturday for the 46 sailors who were killed last March, working on a warship.

The "Cheonan" was sunk by a torpedo, killing everyone on board. South Korea has blamed North Korea for the incident, but the North has repeatedly denied responsibility.

Religious and conservative civic group members along with students gathered at Seoul City Hall plaza for the memorial service.

[Seo Seok-koo, Organizer]:
"We are holding a memorial service here to let our people know the serious threat of North Korean terrorism and the importance of national security, and to remember the victims' supreme sacrifice."

Students flew 46 kites, with the names of the victims on them.

[Shin Ji-won, Student]:
"It's really regrettable that they were killed by North Korea. I wish this kind of thing would never happen again."

Religious groups performed ceremonies, burned incense and offered flowers.

The navy ship Cheonan sank while it sailed in the Yellow Sea off South Korea's west coast. The Cheonan incident raised tensions on the peninsula to its peak in 2010, aggravated by the North's deadly shelling on civilians in a border island.