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    Dental Cosmetic Center Amsterdam Presents "Snap on Smile" HD


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    No shots. No drilling. No adhesives....

    What is Snap-On Smile ?

    Snap-On Smile was invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford many thousands of dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over.

    Snap-On Smile's unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resin make it very thin yet extremely strong. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile—even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth.

    And for many people, Snap-On Smile can be life changing. It gives back the confidence to smile. Thousands of people worldwide have already experienced the unique benefits of Snap-On Smile.

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    Available in Amsterdam

    Tandheelkundig Centrum

    Lijnbaansgracht 162
    1016 VX Amsterdam

    Telefoon: 0900-3368478