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    "Really Great!" - Shen Yun in Brussels Friday


    by NTDTelevision

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    And now for an update on the Shen Yun Performing Arts European tour. Our correspondent brings us this report from Friday’s performance in Brussels, Belgium.

    Charlotte Toussaint is studying to become a Chinese translator. She came to see the Shen Yun performance with her mother because of her interest in Chinese language and culture.

    [Charlotte Toussaint, Student of Sinology]:
    “It was very, very pretty. I’m impressed by the performance of the dancers and also the erhu player, which was really, really great.” … “When I was in China, I heard the erhu and I liked the sound of the instrument but sometimes I thought it was too much ranching sounds but she didn’t make any not beautiful sounds. It was always good. So I was really impressed.”

    Nelly Devos-Spiers, a retired judge, saw Shen Yun perform on Friday. During the show she realized she wasn’t the only one enjoying her evening.

    [Nelly Devos-Spiers, Retired Judge]:
    “I looked around me and the people all sat there with a smile on their face. For me it could still go on for another hour. It was unique.”

    She explained how the show had taught her some valuable lessons.

    [Nelly Devos-Spiers, Retired Judge]:
    “Yes we also got a few life lessons. And the ending was good. They did not choose a side, they let us choose. But still, with a portion of good advice.”

    NTD News, Brussels, Belgium