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    Caravane Gazelle - Théâtre de Ménilmontant - 21 décembre 2010 - version 4'

    Olivier Olivier Calmel

    par Olivier Olivier Calmel

    560 vues
    A musical tale played by a wind quintet, for children and adults alike.
    With an original score and script, Calmel (author of Zephyr, Sha-Docks, Empreintes, Idealz, Mafate, Perspectives…) and Prieur conjure up vivid imageries of gazelles, camels, travellers, and star-kissed desert nights.
    A fresh, modern combination of Peter and the Wolf and the Little Prince.

    “What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”
    Antoine de Saint Exupéry

    Narrative : Julie MARTIGNY

    Flute : Mayu SATO
    Oboe : Baptiste GIBIER
    Clarinet : Annelise CLEMENT
    French Horn : Cyril NORMAND
    Bassoon : Frank SIBOLD

    Text by : Florence PRIEUR
    All compositionns by : Olivier

    Direction : Illich L'HENORET

    Costume : Dulcie BEST
    Lighting : Marc ROBIDOU

    Video recording session : Sylvain MARQUET
    Audio recording session : Brigitte BORJON
    Video editing : Claude FARGE

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