Girl In the Mirror Gone Wild

Mary Ann Chatman
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Everyone says with my hair like this and my smile in this video that I look like Elizabeth Shue please enter me in the Celebrity Lookalike contest. I can sing real songs like country and love and pop and would be great being the background singer for your movies. You can call me anytime to be a movie extra at 336-310-0539 or 336-745-0695 or email me to


The URL did not show at all , use this video --
By maddeningrash51t0 November
This girl is my roomate but shes hot and sexy as any pop star but is like the next door girl in other ways a true diamond inthe rough thats justs needs some sexy clothes god she sings love songs and shoud be in your movies please send this video to casting directors From Bruce her roomate
By Mary Ann Chatman 3 years ago
She should join with Britney and Madonnna fix her hair clothes different and she has potential to make that song or sell it to Britney and her singers wow. She looks like an older Britney or Elizabeth Shue in the movie where her boyfriend was blind and she was trying to get his site back. She should be in the movies as Elizabeth Shues sister or cousin or something. Im her neighbor using her computer so Im commenting on it lol lol. Casting directors should call her for movie extra parts put her in some black leather pants spiral her hair she ought to join wild rock band at least. She can sing love songs Like "Hero By Iglesias that made chills stand up on my arms. She should be wedding singer girl"
By Mary Ann Chatman 3 years ago