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    RAIN • Dancing Game Workout for Teenagers and Young Adults


    by MUVEdance

    LIVE Cardio Funk MUVE Dancing game. "independent Triangles." MUVE dance exercise workshop with Winners' Camp staff. This is a new kind of dancing lesson. Instead of following an instructor these young adults create their very own joyful motion dance. They inspire each other in groups of three. This spontaneous dance party shows you how the concepts of the MUVE Dancing Games can animate large groups to dance for physical health. But mainly it's for fun - they don't even realize that they are doing a high intensity aerobic dance workout. This is the last dance of their very first MUVE workshop. You can tell that by now, everyone is feeling comfortable. Even the shy participants are now "muving" happily. This is to show you, that you can get over your inhibitions and have fun with your friends doing the MUVE Dancing Games! Download the FREE instructions to this and other MUVE Dancing Games at