Play To Me Gipsy: Tango from London by Henry Hall BBC Orch., 1934


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The BBC Dance Orchestra Dir. by Henry Hall - Play To Me, Gipsy (Vacek/ Kennedy) Columbia 1934

NOTE: It's a British version of a Czech tango "Cikánka" (A Gipsy Girl; composed in 1931by Karel Vacek, a vocalist, trumpet player, trombonist and bandleader) and internationally better known under a German title "Du Schwarzer Zigeuner". First recorded in Prague by Dvorsky's dance orchestra it became enormous success throughout Europe, saving the Czech branch of Ultraphon records from the bankrupcy.

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Yes Grzegorz, it's remarkable how some styles are embraced by a people and others not; I guess it has to do with cultural background and affinities. It is very noticeable indeed that the (rare) Anglosaxon tango performances are more syncopated, tending towards fox trot, whereas foxtrots by Spanish or Latinoamerican orchestras often tend towards pasodobles or tangos. It's inevitable I guess... long ago I heard Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue by the Bulgarian Broadcasting Orchestra and it almost sounded like Tchaikovsky!... It was Gerswhin, but a very Slavonic one :-) Regarding this rendition, I agree the charm of it are the violin fiorituras accompanying the fabulous vocal.
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Hello Grzegorz - you know how much I love Tango so this old classic sounds like true music for my ears even though it's a bit slow for some fancy-schmantzy Tango moves. Thanks and have a super great day and the rest of the week!!!
Przez tango3721 4 lata temu
Hi Patrick, for some mysterious reason the tango never appealed to British souls as much as foxtrot or all kinds of swing. Therefore, in my collection I have namely FOUR tango renditions by the Brits: one here, one by Jack Hylton (Oh, Rosalita) & by Billy Reid's Accordion Band and the 4th by uncredited band named on the Polish label as Original American Orchestra which - according to the forum's voices - appeared to be Jay Whidden's band. These last three I presented some time ago in YT. I think, that - except for a robust, masterly arrangement of Hylton, the other are in a way akin - the tango rhythm rather heavy and strongly syncopated, without variations or any of these instrumental inventions which Argentinian or Polish arrangements are full of. Here, the divine charme of a tango has been saved by the solo violin arabesques continuing in the backround. Plus - the terrific vocal.
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
Thank you for sharing another excellent rendition... what a surprise to hear a "British" tango and it's great! As always, the pictural aspect of your video is fantastic!
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Genia, I love you tangoing with that passionate guy at Maja Berezowska's drawing at 1:41
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
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