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    Brotha Lynch Hung - Coathanga Strangla 2011 HQ Full Album Free Download leak


    by brohasyn

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    Album: Coathanga Strangla
    Year: 2011
    Genre:Gangsta Rap

    01. Working Late (Intro)
    02. The Coathanga (feat. COS)
    03. Mannibalector (feat. Crookwood & COS
    04. Look What I Did (Skit) (feat. Devious)
    05. Look Its A Dead Body
    06. Sooner Or Later (feat. Mr Blap)
    07. Fucc Off Again (Skit)
    08. Suicide Watch (feat. Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree & Don Rob)
    09. Spit It Out (Skit) (feat. COS)
    10. Red Dead Bodies (feat. G-Macc)
    11. Blinded By Desire (feat. Lauren Brinson)
    12. Friday Night (feat. COS)
    13. The Visit (Skit) (feat. Lauren Brinson)
    14. ICU (feat. Tech N9NE)
    15. Im Not Perfect (feat. G-Macc, COS & Crookwood)
    16. I Dont Think My Momma Ever Loved Me (feat. Mr Blap)
    17. Eating Fingers (Skit) (feat. Marcell Sanders & Brandon Wade)
    18. Therapy Session (feat. Bleezo, Big No Love, Sav Sicc & Brya Akdersen)
    19. It Happens (feat. First Degree The DE & Tall Cann)
    20. Takin Online Orders (feat. Tech N9NE)
    21. Outro (feat. Lauren Brinso

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