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    Springnet 410 - SXSW 2011 - InConcertApp

    Paul Walhus

    by Paul Walhus

    Paul Terry Walhus of interviews"InConcertApp"'s president Steven L. Revare at the SXSW 2011 trade show. The idea is to substitute the lighter held aloft at concerts for a cell phone. inConcertApp presents a colorful changing design on people’s screens for each song so that when they hold them aloft, they can change the color of a venue. It also let's you know what song is playing in real time and let's you buy it on itunes. Fans can also use inConcertApp to request songs, send messages about the show to twitter with hashtags, and vote for encores. InConcertApp will be available per artist, and Slugworth is starting with the iPhone, an Android version is in the future. The first one to use inConcertApp is the singer, songwriter and pianist Vienna Teng