Thailand Evacuations and Rescue Efforts Continue

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Rescue workers in Southern Thailand are struggling to deliver aid to areas inundated by floods. It comes as authorities step up evacuation of residents. At least 25 people have been killed in the floods and mudslides over the past several days.

Thai rescue workers on Friday struggled to get supplies to areas in southern Thailand cut off by floods. It comes as authorities step up the evacuation of thousands of stranded residents.

Access to some areas has been cut off because of severe flooding. The Thai military has deployed Black Hawk helicopters to evacuate the elderly, women and children first from those flooded areas.

Several schools have been converted into temporary evacuation centers.

By Thursday, nearly 1,000 tourists had been evacuated from tourist hotspots.

In some of the affected areas, people have been without electricity or food for several days. Authorities are struggling to send supplies to locals.

Over the past several days, floods and mudslides in southern Thailand have killed at least 25 people.

The Thai Meteorological Department says that rains have begun to subside, but water levels still need to be monitored closely--and that more landslides are possible in many areas.