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    Robotica - Trailer

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    This festival loves robots. Simple. We have had real robots at the festival and championed many a movie with robots.
    We are delighted to present ‘robotica’, a selection of short films curated by onedotzero.
    onedotzero, one of the UK’s premiere visual arts organisations, has always been rather partial to our mechanical friends of the future, demonstrated over the years in their festival programming.
    This selection touches on the ethics, social effects and pure fun of a world shared with robots or androids, from spy messengers and declarations of love to extraterrestrial robotic invasions of Earth.

    It also includes Federico Alvarez’s ATAQUE DE PANICO! (PANIC ATTACK!), Uruguay 2009.
    As a young boy plays, he notices something gigantic, filling the sky over Montevideo. Marauding giant robots lay waste to the urban terrain interrupting the city’s everyday lifecycle.
    Alvarez posted this on YouTube and, within days, was offered USD 18 million by Sam Raimi to make a feature film!
    Mon 25 April, 7.30pm Apollo Piccadilly