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    We Are All Cylons - Trailer

    Over the past decade various TV franchises have been revived with varying degrees of success. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA originally ran from 1978-80 but a revival in 2003 with a much darker tone, led to the creation of one of the finest SF series in recent years.
    BLAKE’S 7 was created by Terry Nation in 1978 to chronicle the exploits of rebel fighters in a dystopia. The original cast returned in the early 2000s in the audio saga, Kaldor City, whilst 2006 saw a radio remake of Blake’s 7 with a new cast.
    THE TIME TUNNEL ran from 1966-7 and featured a pair of time travellers intervening in historical disasters to try and alter the outcome. Created by Irwin Allen, this series inspired QUANTUM LEAP and was remade by Irwin Allen in 1976, 2002 and 2008, although none of the pilots made it to series.
    We celebrate these TV series with a panel discussion, and a world premiere screening of WE ARE ALL CYLONS. The film investigates our very human enthusiasm for technology and myth by examining the metaphysical resonances of the television series Battlestar Galactica.
    In addition we screen the unaired 1966 pilot of THE TIME TUNNEL. We also present a short staged reading of a new Kaldor City play!
    Mon 25 April, 5.00pm Apollo Piccadilly