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NO KIDDING making of shooting new campaign 2011 by the United Noy Agency

il y a 7 ans91 views

No Kidding: http://www.nokidding.fr
Yann Stofer: http://www.yannstofer.com
United Noy: http://www.unitednoy.com

NO KIDDING entrusts its Communication to UNITED NOY agency

NO KIDDING is proud to entrusts its Communication development and revival to UNITED NOY Agency.

UNITED NOY Agency is working on a rock & rebel signature, oscillating between streetwear and free-and-easy trends.

Talented Yann Stofer, official photographer of NO KIDDING, will immortalize the winners in our casting "Born to be a star" in the studio PIN-UP in Paris.

Of memorable pursuit races, noises and laughts in perspective!