Mahabharat - Episode 75

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by Rajshri

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Watch Mahabharat Episode 75 - With English Subtitles. The battle is about to begin, but Yudhisthir removes his armour, puts down his weapons, and descends from his chariot. The Pandavas and the Kauravas forces look with amazement as he proceeds on foot towards the Kaurava camp. Duryodhan brags that Yudhisthir is visiting the Kaurava camp to seek the benediction of the elders before starting the battle. After been blessed by the elders, Yudhisthir goes to the middle of the battlefield and announces that anyone who wants to change sides must do so now. Duryodhan's stepbrother Yuyutsu crosses over to the Pandava camp and the battle begins. B.R Chopra's Mahabharat is a show that has left an indelible impression in the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide with its timeless values and teachings. This classic tale of the victory of good over evil is available exclusively on the Internet at and many more classic TV Show.