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download file here Microsoft Point Generator.exe Thats the link to the Generator, sorry that you have to fill out a survey but its worth it!!! I found this and it worked! I went from 10 to 1610 points NO ACCOUNT INFO IS NEEDED! most want your info but this one doesnt you have to actually type in your email and password though when you sign in to,,, you cant just automatically sign in or already have the saved email If this doesn't work, message me, the first time my friend tried it it didnt work and it ended up having to do with his security(so ill try and help you with that) NOTE*I havent tried it with a silver account so Im not sure if itll work with one... ***Also it might just be your computer so try re-downloading it on another one


try --> or
By quaimimemngleev1971 November
my internet will not allow me view any of the surveys, u know of another link?(perhaps you could reupload it to dropbox or something and give me the link. any help or codes would be awesome.
By john lisby 2 years ago