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    India's Population at 1.2 Billion, Says Provisional Census


    by NTDTelevision

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    We learned from a census 10 years ago that India had more than a billion people. But now, results of the latest census say India's population has gone way up--by 180 million. That's like adding the entire population of Russia and then some--in just 10 years.

    India's population has risen to 1.2 billion, the provisional census report estimated on Thursday.

    The population, that encompasses 17 percent of the world's population, has recorded an increase of 180 million people since the last census in 2001.

    India's census commissioner says the country’s population is larger than the combined population of Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, the United States and Bangladesh.

    [C. Chandramouli, Census Commissioner]:
    "The general sex ratio of the country has gone up which is a positive trend. It has gone up from 933 to 940, which is very positive. However, as far as the child sex ratio is concerned, 0-6 (age group) is concerned, it has come down and come down very significantly, which is a discussing signal. Whereas the other positives of the Census are the rate of growth of population, which has slowed down. It one of the most significant falls in the demographic history of our country.”

    The literacy rate went up to 74 percent nationwide for people seven and older, from about 65 percent in the last census.

    The report recorded Uttar Pradesh as the most populous state with 199 million people and the Lakshadweep islands as the least populated territory.