Environmentally Friendly Cottage in the Mountains of Bali

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Now our correspondent will take us on a tour of the Balinese mountains in Indonesia. Among beautiful scenery we are going to meet a very active person, Mr. Bagiarta, a former director of a hotel school in Bali. He is the founder and owner of the Puri Lumbung Cottage Project. Here's more from our correspondent in Bali.

Is Bali about the music? The dances? Or about the tourism?

It's about all of these, and more.

Puri Lumbung Cottage is a project that aims to answer several issues that Bali faces.

[Nyoman Bagiarta, Owner of Puri Lumbung Cottage]:
"Tourism has interdependency with the environment and the nature. So we have to maintain each other in order that we can survive in the long run."

If Bali, Indonesia has strong economic development on its beaches, the situation on its mountains is different.

[Nyoman Bagiarta, Owner of Puri Lumbung Cottage]:
"Tourism offers only white collar jobs. So for local people if there is no way to educate in this market of course they cannot enter the labor market."

Nyoman Bagiarta, as a former director of one of Bali's hotel schools, started the Puri Lumbung project in 1992 with the aim to balance commercial and ethical interests on the island paradise.

[Nyoman Bagiarta, Owner of Puri Lumbung Cottage]:
"We try to create a small project here in the north so that we can preserve the environment in the village. Hotels can extend the hand by offering local people to be active and involved in tourism activities."

The cottage is located in the district of Lumbung in the mountain region. Among beautiful scenery, a dozen villas have been built for guests. Other facilities include a yoga center, a dance center and more.

NTD News, Lumpung district, Indonesia