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    Scene coupee de JackAss 3D avec Britney Spears - Britney Spears Deleted Scene from Jackass 3D


    par NoemiConcept_

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    Voici une scène coupée du dernier JackAss avec Britney Spears ... Elle se fait secouer dans une sanisette .... Mais même si elle rentre, il est moins sur que ce soit la chanteuse qui ait réellement subit la suite ... A découvrir
    Johnny Knoxville explain how Britney Spears was in Jackass 3-D, but they had to cut the tape. Honestly, if he had Britney in the movie, she would not be cut, she’s a huge selling point.. The clip of Britney is a porto-potty bungee jump. But once the potty is launched we never see her face again. When she comes out covered in sick, the camera is facing her back the whole time. I don’t think the queen of pop would ever agree to this. Sorry, guys, it’s fake.