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    This Just Zen: Fire-Proof Pup Survives House Blaze


    by ThisJustZen

    http://www.ThisJustZen.com On Feb. 23rd a house fire destroyed Massachusetts resident, Terisa Acevedo’s home, taking with it her memories, possessions and by all accounts her precious dog, Lola! After the fire was put out and dogs oddly enough searched the remains, there was no sign of life. Terisa was devastated to say the least. Then after the woman was brought back to the scene to turn off a car alarm from a truck she had parked in front of the condemned house, Terisa heard what sounded like her blessed doggie inside the shell of the home. Well, low and behold, there Lola was, cold and dehydrated but alive. Here’s the kicker…the fire was on February 23, but Terisa discovered her dog in March…exactly one month later. Lola survived One month and after being rushed to Angell Memorial Animal hospital is recovering fine and with no signs of smoke inhalation to boot. And now our “Sage Of The Day”. "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." Ben Williams Distributed by Tubemogul.