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    TRX Rip Trainer at IHRSA 2011


    by fitnesstrainingbyjon

    Get the new TRX Rip Trainer - Join the Fitness On The Run Facebook page at At IHRSA 2011 I was one of the many people there to try the new TRX Rip Trainer, a new core training equipment piece that will give you a great workout! I found it surprisingly difficult, especially when adding ballistic jumps to rotational movements. It is very difficult to keep your body aligned. The Rip Trainer comes with a Medium Resistance Cord, but you can add on a heavy or Light Resistance cord for 22.95 or 18.95. I recommend adding an X mount or two to your purchase as well and bolting the TRX Rip Trainer to your wall in a stud. It just makes it all much easier. About the TRX Rip Trainer Meet the Rip Trainer, the newest addition to the TRX product line. The TRX Rip Trainer uses the asymmetrical loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge one's balance and force maximum muscle recruitment. Like the Suspension Trainer, the Rip Trainer is lightweight (~4 lbs), easy to set up, incredibly versatile, and it allows anyone at any fitness level to get a full body workout. Rip Training, Power Training, RipCore, RipCoreFX, RipCORE FX, TRX, Strength Conditioning, GWTM, Jon Ham, Fitness On The Run, IHRSA 2011, IHRSA, Fitness Equipment, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Suspension Training, Fitness Equipment, Best Workout Gear, mens health, core training, six pack, ABS, Power training, plyometric exercises, jumping, stand up paddle fitness training, rowing, squats, squat jump rotation, resistance training, rip60, RIPPED ABS, Distributed by Tubemogul.