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    Prague Symphony Orchestra Plays in Sympathy for Japan


    by NTDTelevision

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    More support for the Japan quake victims, with a benefit concert held in the Czech capital of Prague on Sunday night. The chairwoman of the House of the Czech Parliament and the Prague mayor express their admiration for the way Japanese citizens have managed to deal with the disaster. Here's more.

    The Prague Symphony Orchestra recently held a “Concert for Japan” in the Smetana´s hall of the Municipal House in Prague.

    [Ilja Smid, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Director]:
    “I think the main purpose is to express sympathy for the tragedy that happened in Japan, and we would also like to collect some financial aid for the Japanese Red Cross.”

    The orchestra has a long-term relationship with the Eastern country, performing in Japan regularly.

    Last year, the Prague Symphony Orchestra performed in the Japanese city, Sendai—now devastated by the tsunami disaster.

    A Japanese orchestra member, Junko Honda, says it was not easy to organize the concert.

    [Junko Honda, Orchestra Member]:
    “One orchestra member—the double-bass player—said we have to do something, and I appreciate it very much because it was not at all easy, promotion and the office work, everybody has volunteered for free and so the concert is sold out tonight.”

    Chairwoman of the Czech House of Parliament, Miroslava Nemcova, expresses admiration for the discipline of the Japanese people, with which they are facing the catastrophe.

    [Miroslava Nemcova, Chairwoman, Czech House of Parliament]:
    “The message I would like to convey to his Excellency, the Ambassador of Japan, is my deep admiration for Japan, because how the Japanese people have managed to cope with this big, cruel misfortune, stirs in us admiration for their discipline, their ability to see the bigger picture and their sense of obligation."