Libyan Rebels Urge More Airstrikes

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A spokeswoman for the rebel Provisional Transitional Council in Libya is urging coalition forces to do more to protect civilian lives. At the same time she insists Libyans are not asking for liberation. Here's more.

A Libyan rebel spokeswoman is calling on coalition forces to step up actions to protect civilians from Gaddafi's forces.

[Iman Boughaigis, Spokeswoman, Rebel Council in Libya]:
"The situation over there is very dramatic and we would like to urge the international society and the coalition forces to act against the troops of Colonel Gaddafi's regime to protect the civilians, as it is stated in the 1973 resolution."

Speaking at a press conference in Benghazi on Tuesday, the rebel spokeswoman insisted Libyans do not expect coalition forces to liberate them.

[Iman Boughaigis, Spokeswoman, Rebel Council in Libya]:
"To liberate our country, this is our duty, so we thank the United States and the coalition for what they are doing and just we emphasize that from the beginning we didn't ask for liberation - we will liberate our country."

Boughaigis also gave a situational report from the frontline.

[Iman Boughaigis, Spokeswoman, Rebel Council in Libya]:
"Also I would like to update you about the situation in the frontline where a tactical withdrawal has taken place and this is just to take our troops away, out of the range of Colonel Gaddafi's militia and mercenary troops."

Meanwhile, a coalition of countries conducting air strikes against Gaddafi's forces launched 22 Tomahawk missiles and flew 115 strike sorties in the last 24 hours, the Pentagon said late Tuesday.