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    Democracy Advocate Liu Xianbin Sentenced to 10 Years


    by NTDTelevision

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    Democracy and human rights groups are condemning the Chinese regime for sentencing a veteran democracy advocate to 10 years in prison for so called "subversion." A court in central Sichuan province convicted Liu Xianbin, mainly because he wrote articles critical of the communist regime.

    The Chinese regime is being heavily criticized after a veteran democracy advocate Liu Xianbin received a lengthy sentence on Friday for so called "inciting subversion." A court in central Sichuan province sentenced him to ten years in prison for writing articles calling for human rights and democracy.

    Liu was put on trial after nine months in detention. His wife, Chen Mingxian was at the trial. She says the court stopped Liu from defending himself.

    [Chen Mingxian, Wife of Dissident Liu Xianbin]:
    "Liu Xianbin was clearly not allowed to speak during the process. Our lawyer was prevented from fully defending him. The situation made Liu angry and he only said 'I'm innocent and I protest this.' In fact [the court] wanted us there for the show, the entire process was staged."

    Liu wrote articles published overseas. Some of his articles criticize the communist regime for the substandard school buildings that collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.


    In Hong Kong democracy groups rallied against the sentence on Friday.

    [Lee Cheuk-yan, Hong Kong Democracy Advocate]:
    "It's completely without reason, using exerting the highest pressure, using the most barbaric methods to target rights defenders. [The regime] treats the people as enemies and tries to suppress them."

    Liu has been imprisoned before for two years for taking part in the 1989 democracy movement. In 1999 he was sentenced to 13 years after helping to establish the China Democratic Party. He was released early in 2008, only to be arrested again in June last year.